Int Nord Fin Swe& Nor Ch FINLC Ch-2000 FINW-01 Shema's Mia American Flyer "Ace"

born 07.05.1998

DC Shema's Mia Arrowshaft x DC Shema's Mia Splash

Breeder: Pam Haig, Joyce Martin & T A Haig

Eyes checked clear December 2005

Sire of

Siphra's Eurythmics litter

Siphra's Fleetwood Mac litter

Ace was the joy of my life! He was imported at the age of ten
 weeks from Nevada, USA. I have never met a Pharaoh with
 an attitude as positive, he stole my heart the second I met
 him at the airport! That is the reason he was spoiled rotten! ;)

 He thought he was a puppy and loved to sit in my lap.
 And he wasm't that small...

 Ace loved shows, as every event where he got special
 attention, and showed very well. He had a beautiful outline
 and was extremely elegant, yet strong, with exellent, sound

 Ace was also a born courser, he managed to win our Finnish
 Lure Coursing Championship 2000 coursing for the third time
 in his life!

 Ace sired two beautiful litters. I think he has added exactely what I felt I needed in my breeding program and I am forever greatful to his breeder for letting me have him.


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